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Can you think back on one or two months that completely changed your life? I can. It was my first summer in Seattle. My first time living outside of the midwest. When I moved to Madison in 2005 to attend college, I thought to myself “wow, Madison is so awesome, I’m going to live here for the rest of my life!” Boy was I wrong.

I moved to Seattle the summer of 2008 for my first internship. I was a software developer at Amazon.com, living in Belltown and working on the cusp of Chinatown. Four days after moving to Seattle I cut all my hair off; I was determined to finally be *me*. I met Brian that summer - he was also an intern, working a floor below me. It only took a few months, and I came back to Madison a completely different person.

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Milton, WI; Madison, WI; Lafayette, IN; Seattle, WA (Belltown, Downtown, and Capitol Hill);

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Smitten Kitchen, Noble Pig, 101 Cookbooks, Orangette, Soupbelly, In Praise of Leftover, The Bitten Word,

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